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Buying a new build home is high-value, high-risk and complex. This is not a consumer purchase. You cannot send it back if you do not like what you get. Any problems with the home will be yours to deal with - knowing how to do that is vital and normally requires expert guidance and advice. We help to provide our members with the necessary expert guidance and advice needed to get things resolved efficiently and cost-effectively.

With our help, our members get more things put right, sooner and with less distress and inconvenience. Our members also stand to get a fair and proportionate financial settlement in relation to unresolved defects, usually on a no-win no-fee basis (terms & conditions apply).

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Using this website is the website for New Build Guru Homeowners CIC, a member-owned co-operative enterprise for UK new build homeowners, particularly those with defective new builds.

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New Build Guru, spearheaded by one of the most brilliant legal minds in the country, is a game-changer. For too long the cards have been stacked against the new build buyer. Thanks to New Build Guru, the tables have been turned.

Andrew Gray, owner of Truth Legal & President of Harrogate and District Law Society