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New Build Guru is committed to providing online content in a format that is user friendly, logical, clear and appropriate for its intended audience.  We endeavour to ensure all content is spell checked and grammar checked, and we try to avoid using unnecessary legal or technical terminology.

Accessibility of our online content may be improved in a number of ways, depending on how a user's disability affects the way they perceive information on a page and how they navigate within and between pages.  Below are some suggestions on how to improve accessibility. 

For people who can't see very well or are blind

Try changing the colours and the contrast between colours; the size of text; the choice of fonts.  Use settings on your computer to magnify the screen, enlarge text, or make the mouse pointer easier to use.  Make your computer speak the text to you using its text-to-speech feature.  Try a screenreader which interprets the elements on a page (for example, alt tags for images, and title tags for links) and provides an audio description for video content.

For people who find a keyboard or mouse hard to use

Try changing the settings on your computer to make using your keyboard or mouse easier; use voice recognition software; or a touch-screen computer.

For people who find words difficult

Try changing font sizes; magnifying the screen size; use software or computer settings to have text read out loud. 

Do you have any suggestions on ways we can improve the accessibility of our content?  If so please email us at