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Eligibility Criteria for Members

Version: 30 March 2019


Current owners or occupiers of new build homes can always apply for membership. However, we also consider applications for membership by non-owner/occupiers based on the policy set out below.


1.    The Eligibility Criteria for Members shall apply to persons who do NOT meet the membership criteria at paragraph 12 (b) of the Rules of the Co-Operative.

2.    Persons who meet any or all of the following criteria may be accepted into the membership:

(a)    A campaigner or representative of a campaign group seeking to address systemic issues or problems affecting new build homeowners or who, in the reasonable opinion of the Directors, is otherwise engaged in or committed to promoting the interests of new build homeowners (including Members of Parliament and other politicians, councillors, journalists, consumer affairs programme producers and editors, solicitors, barristers, valuers and other property professionals and experts, academics, social media influencers and opinion leaders);

(b)    A co-opted Director or non-executive Director.

Questions about membership?

Contact Sarah, our Membership Director


Or by telephone on 01904 799400

9.30 am - 4.30 pm