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It’s not customer service they're doing, it’s claims management

It’s not customer service they’re doing. It’s claims management.

The housebuilding industry has managed that rare feat of designing the means by which its ‘customers’ bring claims against it. And you’re not meant to win.

New build homebuyers trying to sort out construction defects are given a process to follow. The arrangements they impose on you are designed to keep you isolated and uninformed. They work very hard to keep you that way.

But who are you up against? An organisation. As in, lots of people who are organised. They’re not keeping themselves isolated, just you. They surround themselves with an entourage of other organisations - law firms, surveying firms, warranty providers - all working together against you the individual.

You never stood a chance. And that’s the point.

Isolation leaves you powerless and vulnerable. This is what they designed for you and demand of you. But you don’t have to accept this. You don’t need their permission and you break no laws by deciding to shun what they would impose on you to your detriment, and to do what is in your best interests. Which is, to get organised too.

Get together with other people who share your interests - other owners on your development. Get your own entourage of lawyers, surveyors, experts in every relevant field with the know-how to help you take them on and win. New Build Guru makes getting organised simple, accessible, affordable and cost-effective.

We give you a ready made means to get organised properly, to access the help you need easily and cost-effectively, to be powerful, and to win. We show you what works. And it does. 

The time is now. Join New Build Guru, share the burden and reap the rewards. It’s a lot easier than trying to win the game their way. And a lot more profitable for you.