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New Build Guru is a member organisation for new build homeowners throughout the UK. We are owned and democratically controlled by our members and work for their benefit.

The approach we recommend to our members for getting construction defects in their new build homes put right efficiently, cost-effectively and fairly is primarily based on the work of our Steering Committee, who ensure best-practice.

The day-to-day administration of New Build Guru is dealt with by our appointed directors, who are listed below.

Board of Directors

Geoff Peter, Managing Director

A founding member of New Build Guru, Geoff's professional background is in legal services. Geoff is the founder and owner of Wingrove Law, a niche law firm specialising in advising new build homebuyers on resolving disputes with developers, warranty providers and others. Prior to this, Geoff had spent the early part of his legal career advising many of the UK's largest housebuilders. His unrivalled experience in acting for buyers, combined with having spent time in both 'camps', has enabled Geoff to develop a unique insight into how and when problems arise for buyers, what limits individual owners' ability to obtain redress when problems arise, and how to address these problems effectively.

New Build Guru represents the culmination of Geoff's insight and experience, and is a true game changer offering a complete and uniquely-effective cradle-to-grave solution for new build buyers in relation to risk management and resolving common problems.

Geoff is responsible for business strategy, finance and the day to day running of New Build Guru.

Sarah Vasey, Director

Sarah has extensive experience of business administration and client relationship management from roles within the financial services sector.

Always dependable, Sarah ensures the smooth and efficient administration of the cooperative's core functions, and does so with warmth and good humour.

Sarah's primary responsibilities are marketing and membership administration.

Did you know?

The government has recently been consulting on regulatory reform for the housebuilding industry, in response to growing concerns about persistently low construction quality and poor customer service, and to address serious and widespread market abuses such as escalating ground rents in leases which have left tens of thousands of buyers with unsaleable homes.

You can read a recent press release about this by clicking here.

Reform takes time. New Build Guru is here now. Take charge. New Build Guru shows you how.

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