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More Homes Fewer Complaints...but when?

An All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) inquiry in 2015-16 was tasked with looking at chronic poor construction quality and low customer satisfaction in the housebuilding industry, and identifying ways to improve both.

The one recommendation that appears most likely to be taken forward is the creation of a New Homes Ombudsman. This has yet to happen, nor is it a certainty that it will, but it seems likely that a single Housing Ombudsman may eventually be created with an extended remit to include new build homes.

Needless to say, there are no details available yet on what powers a New Homes Ombudsman may have, but it seems reasonable to assume it will have much in common with existing Ombudsman schemes: sold as ‘user friendly’ and informal by reason of which legal advice is discouraged, and with consequent low success rates because cases are nevertheless determined by reference to legal standards of proof, evidence and other formalities that many unrepresented claimants predictably fail to meet even though they have legitimate complaints.

New Build Guru is here for you now. New Build Guru will still be here for you if or when a New Homes Ombudsman is established, showing you what to do, when and how in order to improve your prospects of a successful outcome.

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"The All Party Parliamentary Group for Excellence in the Built Environment is consulting on the potential and detail for a New Homes Ombudsman"

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