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New Build Conveyancing

BEWARE if your housebuilder tries to persuade you to use their choice of conveyancer.  This may come with hidden catches:

  • The advice they give you is likely to be pre-approved by the housebuilder. Independent conveyancers may give you better advice and work harder to protect your interests.
  • They may refuse to advise you, or may advise you wrongly, if you discover major defects before completion and want to delay completion or walk away from the transaction and get your deposit back.
  • They may refuse to help you if you go back to them after moving in for advice on any problems you may discover after moving in.
  • They may not advise you on the full meaning and effect of terms in the housebuilder's standard sale agreement, or help you attempt to negotiate better terms.
  • They may resist handing over copies of plans and documents relating to the development or your new home, without which you may be unable to enforce the housebuilder's obligations to build in accordance with them.
  • They may not advise you of Estate Rentcharges, onerous lease terms etc. that could impact on value and saleability.

Don't take chances on this critical stage.

To use New Build Guru's trusted independent conveyancing firms, please use the webform on this page.

Independent conveyancing services

For a free, no-obligation fee estimate from one of our trusted new build conveyancing firms, please use the webform below:

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