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New build defects: our approach

PLAN A does not work for you.

Our PLAN B does.

The following is an overview of PLAN B.  Your personal PLAN B will be bespoke to your own specific personal circumstances, but the following principles and general approach should give you a good idea of what to expect.

1. Is PLAN B free?

Let us get this out of the way right now.  PLAN B is not free.  There is a cost involved.

PLAN B is, however, affordable, cost-effective and fair.

It helps you avoid wasting huge amounts of personal time compared to PLAN A.  What is your time worth to you? 

It helps save you from suffering prolonged frustration, disappointment and anger, feeling powerless and exploited and losing out on the value of unresolved defects. 

PLAN B gives you access to the expert know-how, guidance and support needed to help you protect the value of your investment and the wellbeing of yourself and your family.

PLAN A is a case of "spend nothing, get nothing".  PLAN B is a case of "spend a little, get a lot".

2. Undelying principles

As you will have seen from our article on "PLAN A", the burden is on you as claimant to prove the existence of defects in your new home and to get them put right properly.

You cannot rely on the housebuilder to do a proper job just because they said they would in their marketing material or on their website, or because they promised it to you verbally.  Their interests are entirely the opposite of yours.  They do not want to deal with defects.  They do not want to spend money putting things right.  Their PLAN A is designed to enable them to do as little as possible, as cheaply as possible, to your detriment.  Their PLAN A is very effective.  Follow it at your peril.

To do better than they have in store for you, you need to take an approach that is based on sound principles and practice.  Since the underlying principles and procedures for getting defects resolved are highly complex, most buyers will need some help to know what to do, what works and what doesn't, and how to avoid making costly and damaging mistakes.  You need our PLAN B.

PLAN B is not a case of just suing the housebuilder.  No one buys a new build home looking to put their life on hold whilst they sue the housebuilder.  Our approach is based on best practice to save you time, minimise your risk, minimise your personal involvement, and minimise the amount of money you need to spend to get a fair and reasonable outcome in relation to any issues there may be with your new home.

3. Overview of PLAN B

We have refined the process of how to deal efficiently and cost-effectively with snags and defects in new build homes and developed a procedure to follow that WORKS.  This is our PLAN B.

Your membership fee buys you access to leading expert guidance and support to help you navigate the complexities of the defects rectification process.

First thing to do after joining is to undertake your New Member Review.  This is a comprehensive review of your current situation and takes account of all the main aspects of the purchase and ownership transaction to date.  We need to know your circumstances to ensure we can then put your personal PLAN B into action. 

Your New Member Review will help us to identify what kind of evidence you will need or what steps you need to take in order to take things forward.  This will normally involve arranging for surveying or other suitable investigations to be undertaken (if you have already obtained your own reports we will review these and ensure we make use of them as far as possible).  We will help you appoint the right specialist(s) for your needs, on the right terms and at the right price.  You would be responsible for any third party's costs.  We will discuss with you any costs involved before you incur them, to ensure you are happy to proceed and are satisfied that the approach is affordable and appropriate.

We will then provide you (within the cost of your membership fee) with comprehensive written guidance to help you negotiate effectively with the housebuilder and/or warranty provider (or other party if applicable) in relation to the issues identified, to get as much done as reasonably possible.

Once you have exhausted those avenues, you let us know what, if anything, remains outstanding.  At that point, we help you appoint specialist solicitors to review your case for you free of charge.  If you have a viable claim (most do), your appointed solicitors will then pursue your case for you, normally on a fully-insured no-win no-fee basis, in other words, at no cost or risk to you.  Your appointed solicitors will normally also claim back any costs incurred by you on the initial investigations.

The way our appointed solicitors will approach pursuing your claim ensures that your personal involvement in the claim is minimised.  For the most part, you can sit back and just let them do all the hard work, whilst you get on with your life and the things you enjoy.

Assuming your claim is successful (we have an excellent track record of success), you will get a cash payout that reflects the value of any unresolved issues in your new home.

Think of it as cash-back on your purchase commensurate with the overall condition of your new home.  This is money that you would almost never recover if you followed their PLAN A.

4. In summary

PLAN B gives you access to expert know-how, guidance and support and is based on established best-practice.  It takes account of your personal circumstances.  It is affordable and cost-effective. It minimises the amount of time and energy you spend battling the housebuilder or warranty provider in relation to defects.  It helps you achieve a fair and proportionate outcome based on the condition of your new home. 

In the vast majority of cases, just the value of additional remedial works you are likely to get done by following our PLAN B will far exceed the cost of your membership fee and any third party expenses you incur at the outset, and in most cases you will also receive a cash payout. 

PLAN B works for you.  Join today to get your personal PLAN B underway.

PLAN A does not work for you.

Our PLAN B does.

The following is an overview of PLAN B.  Your personal PLAN B will be bespoke to your own specific personal circumstances, but the following principles and general approach should give you a good idea of what to expect.