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Absolute power corrupts absolutely

With great power comes great responsibility.

Too bad you can’t always count on those in power to be responsible. The temptation is just too much for some, the financial rewards too great. And so they exploit those over whom they wield it, with often dire consequences for the victims.

Abuse of power can take many forms, from crude and obvious to highly sophisticated, unseen and insidious, but it all amounts to the same thing in the end. They take what is not theirs, at your expense.

Abuse of power doesn’t stop with taking what is not earned or due. The real trick is in getting away with it.

A favourite corporate method for getting away with it is to commit lots of small abuses on lots of people. A little here, a little there, but boy does it add up. The key is to take just enough to ensure there is not enough at stake for the victim to be able or bothered to do anything meaningful about it.

Another favourite method of getting away with it is to design the means by which those you have wronged are required to seek redress against you. If you can do that, you can prevent the victim from getting back some or all of what you took from them, whilst duping them into believing that this was all they were entitled to because that was what the system – its legitimacy derived from its mere existence – deigned to give them.

Designing redress systems is only possible when you are Very Big and Very Powerful, and Very Clever, and Very Subtle. And there can’t be many of those, can there? Look around. You won’t have to try hard to find examples. In fact, these limited redress systems are practically everywhere. Ombudsman schemes. Warranty schemes. Consumer Codes. Voluntary self-regulation schemes for entire industries. Even government regulators whose powers are limited by design to ensure they do not have the power to really affect anything, their true role being merely to create the pretence of effective oversight to convince the majority there is someone looking out for them and to legitimise systemic abuses.

The legal system, the supposed last bastion of justice and fair play, is under siege too. Massively increased court fees that prevent the most vulnerable from being able to afford to access the courts. Savage politically-motivated cuts to court service budgets in the name of ‘austerity’ that result in interminable delays and allow misconduct by powerful defendants to go unsanctioned, and which deprive court users of timely closure on issues that continue to blight their lives whilst they remain unresolved. These moves are not accidental, they are creeping and subtle ways in which corporations and complicit or controlled governments conspire to keep victims of abuse at bay and raise the bar on the value of claims that can credibly be brought against systemic wrongdoers. A little here, a little there will become a lot here, and a lot there, and so it is in the housebuilding industry. 

But oppression breeds resistance and resistance comes in many forms. One such form is group actions. If you are being bullied, exploited, oppressed, stitched up, diddled, conned, misled, chances are there are lots of others just like you, unable individually to overcome the limitations of the limited redress schemes they are forced to use to complain about their mistreatment. But together, ah, together, now you do have some power. Two can share the burden. Ten can turn the screw. One hundred can run amok. Ten thousand can bring the house down.

The bully pauses briefly in the face of two weaklings standing together but doesn’t yield. The bully thinks twice when confronted with a group of weaklings, employs different strategies, but still does not yield. The sight of one hundred weaklings has the bully step back and reconsider. An army of thousands, and the bully suffers an existential crisis and runs for the hills.

It’s a good time to be joining forces. It offers hope and strength and options you just don’t have as an individual. These are the principles that underpin what New Build Guru does. Strength in numbers to overcome built-in limitations that otherwise prevent the majority from seeking redress. 

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