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Pre-Completion Inspections

Defects in new build homes are very common.

Snags (minor defects that do not affect use or occupation) and possibly some minor finishing off works are to be expected. However, recent research by Shelter indicates that over 50% of new build homes suffer from major defects.

Your chances of getting defects put right properly are likely to be improved if you get a pre-completion defects survey done before you complete the purchase. If this identifies major defects, you will be in a stronger bargaining position to negotiate what is to be done about those defects before you complete the purchase than after you move in.

Key advantages of using our appointed defects surveyors:

  • Our minimum service level requirements ensure you get a high quality, professional service from your appointed surveyors
  • Your report will be in a format that makes it easier, quicker and cheaper for you to pursue further action to resolve the problems identified in it, if necessary

For a free no-obligation quote from our appointed snagging surveyors, please use the form below. Your surveyor will contact you directly.

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guru1Identifying and resolving major defects requires professional support and advice for best results. Discovering problems early is also vital. Pre-completion snagging surveys give you the best chance of resolving problems early on.