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Steering Committee

New Build Guru promotes an approach to dealing with snags and defects in new build homes which is based on established best practice.

What constitutes 'best practice' is informed by our Steering Committee, which comprises leading professionals involved in key areas of law, building surveying, expert witness services and other fields. We also take account of the input and feedback of our members.

Our Steering Committee ensures the approach we recommend to our members for dealing with construction defects in new build homes is based on sound principles and practice, is as affordable and cost-effective as possible, is delivered efficiently and effectively, and that it gets our members the best possible outcomes.

We do not publish the names of our Steering Committee members on our website for privacy reasons. Full Members can request details of our Steering Committee privately.

Right action gets right results. Our Steering Committee ensures you can have absolute confidence to follow whatever our recommended course of action is for you.