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The Buying Process

Buying a new build home is a process. Knowing how to get the most out of every stage can make the difference between a successful and enjoyable purchase and ownership experience, and finding yourself in a defective potentially unsaleable home and subject to exploitative ongoing financial arrangements.

New Build Guru offers essential guidance, support and advice at every stage. We are on your side.

STAGE 1 - the property search

We provide essential know-how for prospective buyers via our guidance notes and website content. Sign up for free to access them. Knowing more about what to expect and what steps you take during the initial search phase can make a big difference to your prospects.

STAGE 2 - reservation/pre-contract

This is where you start to commit. Make sure you follow our guidance and do your research before entering into a reservation agreement and during your pre-contract enquiries generally.

STAGE 3 - conveyancing

Rule no 1: do not use the housebuilder's recommended conveyancer if possible. Choose your own independent conveyancer. Buying a new build home is not the same as buying a second hand property. You need advice on key risks and you need to know your conveyancer is serving your best interests. Our recommended conveyancers are completely independent of housebuilders and provide the advice you need to ensure you can make an informed decision about the home you are buying and any ongoing financial commitments you may be subject to.

Also be sure to follow our free guidance notes on this vital stage in the buying process.

STAGE 4 - completing the purchase

For new build homebuyers this normally follows shortly after the construction of your home has just been completed. Be sure to follow our free guidance notes on this stage.

If possible, get access to the home and have a thorough snagging survey done BEFORE handing over the full purchase price - whilst you are still in a strong position to negotiate with the housebuilder to get problems or defects put right.

STAGE 5 - after moving in

It is extremely common for new homes to have snags (meaning, minor defects not affecting occupation), some unfinished works (e.g. tarmacing, turfing, finishing-off jobs), and also major defects (meaning, ones that may affect habitability, saleability and value).

Identifying problems and getting them resolved properly, within a reasonable time and with minimum disruption to you and your family can be extremely difficult. Trying to deal with major defects on your own may result in problems being left unresolved, and you exhausted and disillusioned.

It is essential you get the right help with major defects if you want the right outcome. Good advice is an investment.

We provide buyers with a fully-advised service for dealing with major defects. We have a panel of solicitors, surveyors, planning consultants, expert witnesses and others who are able to provide you with all the support and advice you need to get the best outcomes. Better still, we connect you with other buyers with common interests so you can work together. Strength in numbers is key to affordability and effectiveness.

To access all this, you will need to join as a Member.

Free Legal Advice

Knowledge is power. Understanding your situation and your options as a new build homeowner is key. For this reason, new Members qualify for free, comprehensive, expert legal advice. This takes account of the terms on which you have purchased your new home, and your circumstances and experiences during the sales process and since moving in.

You get advice on the issues of concern, and your options for obtaining proper redress. We also help connect you to those with common interests and help you appoint appropriate professional advisers to help you pursue things as cost-effectively and affordably as possible.

We also offer free impromptu expert guidance and support via our "Quick Question" service.


Knowledge + right action = success. New Build Guru is all about right action, and getting results.

Our approach is based on sound principles and proven results. We work with leading experts across the full spectrum of issues. What we do works. The aim is always the same: ensure you get what you paid for, that any problems or issues are dealt with in a timely, fair, affordable and cost-effective way, and that you can enjoy your new build home fully as soon as possible.

Power to you. Enjoy the journey.