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Visionary leadership

New Build Guru is the brainchild of Geoff Peter, who manages the day-to-day operations and is a key driver in the development of its pioneering and uniquely-effective services for owners of defective new build homes.

Also key to the ongoing refinement and implementation of our vision and service offerings are the members of our Steering Committee, who collectively help to ensure best-practice and the most successful outcomes for our members.

Put simply, our integrated and coherent approach to defects rectification radically reduces costs and risks for homeowners of getting the necessary professional help and support needed to level the playing field with well-resourced housebuilders and warranty providers and get defects put right properly. It’s how we can offer our members access to leading expertise on funding terms that are affordable to a large majority of affected owners. 

Right action gets right results. Join the growing movement that is transforming new build homeownership. Sign up for free, and get a free case review to find out how we can help you. 

Board of Directors

Geoff Peter, Managing Director

Founding member of New Build Guru, Geoff's professional background is in legal services. Geoff is also the founder and owner of Wingrove Law, a niche law firm with an enviable reputation for helping new build homebuyers resolve disputes with developers, warranty providers and others on exceptional terms. Prior to this, Geoff had spent the early part of his legal career advising many of the UK's largest housebuilders. His unrivalled experience in acting for buyers, combined with having spent time in both 'camps', has enabled Geoff to develop a unique insight into how and when problems arise for buyers, what limits individual owners' ability to obtain redress when problems arise, and how to address these problems effectively.

New Build Guru represents the culmination of Geoff's insight and experience, and is a true game changer offering a complete and uniquely-effective cradle-to-grave solution for new build buyers in relation to risk management and resolving common problems.

Geoff is responsible for business strategy, finance and the day to day running of New Build Guru.

To read Geoff's profile, click here.

Sarah Vasey, Director

Sarah has extensive experience of business administration and client relationship management from roles within the financial services sector.

Always dependable, Sarah ensures the smooth and efficient administration of the cooperative's core functions, and does so with warmth and good humour.

Sarah's primary responsibilities are marketing and membership administration.

Geoff Peter, founding member & Managing Director of New Build Guru