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Website security, continuity and performance monitoring

Data security

At New Build Guru, securing your private data and personal information is fundamental to your trust in our website and our services. So, here's what we do. Firstly, we make sure that sensitive information is encrypted using AES256 - which is approved by the US National Security Agency for securing Top Secret Information. Secondly, we make sure our servers are securely hosted in the UK, with administrative access which is only accessible by authorised New Build Guru personnel via our secure private network. Our network has strict firewall rules and our DNS service also provides capabilities to block traffic at that level.

We encourage all our users to secure their website using TLS (via https web connections) to ensure you communicate securely with our website without the danger of data being intercepted in transit.


To make sure our website is highly available we run multiple servers with data replication, as well as regular backups to separate locations in the UK. We isolate our hosting environment and never use free or publicly shared hosting. By using our own managed platform we have the best control and our high performance DNS system allows us the agility to move services in as little as a few seconds should we ever need to.

Monitoring and reporting

Our automated systems perform hundreds of thousands of service checks everyday, and can report any sign of a problem, no matter how small, to our team within seconds. These checks monitor every level of our network and server infrastructure to ensure the best access to our website is maintained.