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What it costs

If your new home has defects - and pretty much all of them do - then you suffer a loss the day you hand over the full purchase price.

You can recover some or all of that loss if you get things put right properly.  If not, those unresolved defects are what it will cost you:

  • Impact on habitability or safety e.g. missing firestopping; excessive heat loss; poor air quality; damp or mould.
  • Financial losses e.g. cost of putting defects right yourself; loss of earnings; lower resale value.
  • Emotional costs e.g. impact on family; stress and frustration; feeling powerless.

It is for you as claimant to pursue remedial works and other remedies from your housebuilder or new home warranty provider.  They work hard to ensure you do that on their terms which generally means they call all the shots and decide what you get.  It is not in their interests to spend money putting your defects right properly, and many owners end up going without.

New Build Guru offers the information, support and professional advice most owners will need in order to recover more of what you have already lost than your housebuilder or warranty provider will give you voluntarily.

Our information and support services accessible via this website are free to use.  The cost of professional advice from our nominated surveyors and solicitors is payable by you in the first instance.  Funding options are available in some circumstances to minimise the costs payable and ensure affordability, and in many cases you will be entitled to seek recovery of some or all of your costs from your housebuilder or warranty provider in addition to the value of any remedial works or damages recovered.

The value of what most new home owners stand to gain from our best-practice approach almost invariably vastly exceeds the cost of following it. 

There is always a risk associated with pursuing claims against housebuilders or warranty providers such as not getting back all of your costs, or having to pay some costs to the other side.  Those risks are generally modest and manageable, and can be insured against in some circumstances.  By contrast, the risk of losing out on valuable remedial works and the impact it can have on your family and finances by relying on your housebuilder or warranty provider to simply 'do right by you' on their terms, is huge.  A simple search of any social media platform, mainstream news sources or speaking to existing owners will quickly reveal what is at stake.

New Build Guru's scheme is not free if you use the professional services of our nominated surveyors and solicitors, but our scheme is as affordable and cost-effective as possible.

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