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What We Do

New Build Guru is a cradle-to-grave service providing mostly-free-of-charge know-how, guidance, support and advice on the full range of issues facing new build homebuyers.

Never be unsure about what to do in a given situation again. Avoid common risks and pitfalls. Get the help you need, when you need it, as cost-effectively and affordably as possible.

Education and know-how

New Build Guru publishes free guidance notes and articles designed to help new build homebuyers better understand the risks involved in buying a new build home, make better decisions during the buying process and lay the foundations for a successful ownership experience. These are accessible by anyone who signs up for an account.

For our full Members, we go further by ensuring that vital know-how and expertise gained through our Members' activitities is retained and shared with other Members on an ongoing basis, so you can benefit from those who went before, and can help those who follow after, in a virtuous cycle.

Legal & surveying services

Not sure what services you need, or when, or who to use, or what the cost will be? Worry no more. Whatever you need, we have it covered.

To help you understand your needs, all new Members qualify for a FREE New Member Review on joining. New Member Reviews involve our specialist appointed solicitors carrying out a comprehensive expert legal review and providing you with a detailed written advice. This ensures you understand all relevant issues and what your options are for dealing with them. For more serious issues, we can help you appoint the right professional advisors on the right terms to ensure you get affordable, effective help. Our unique approach involves harnessing the power of the collective wherever possible by connecting you with other Members who have common-interest issues. Dealing with things collectively massively improves your prospects of success and radically reduces costs and risks. For most of our Members, collective action is the difference between getting proper redress, or going without.

For occasional 'light touch' advice and support, you can also use our FREE Quick Question service. This is your opportunity to ask our new build property experts for tips, suggestions, reassurance and support on any issue that may come up in your ownership.

For those still looking to buy, we offer access to independent conveyancing solicitors who will advise you on key risks associated with buying a new build home - unlike some builder-nominated or non-specialist conveyancers. Be sure you know what you are signing up to before you commit. We can also help you arrange for a pre-completion snagging survey, something every new build buyer should get done. 

Test Case Funding

Sometimes it is simply not cost-effective or affordable for Members to take on certain types of cases. However, where the case involves issues that are of interest to a large number of other owners, i.e. "Test Cases," we will accept applications from our Members for funding contributions and/or indemnities to help towards the costs of pursuing such claims. This enables important cases to be pursued notwithstanding the Member's personal financial limitations or other factors.

If you are eligible to apply for Test Case Funding, we will let you know as part of your free New Member Review legal advice and explain how you go about applying.

Test Case Funding applications are considered on their merits by members of our Steering Committee, ensuring capital reserves are applied to the most appropriate cases.


We don't just help you understand and apply the rules of the game, we actively work to help change the rules in your favour.

We are uniquely-well versed to know what campaigns to support and what outcomes to strive for - because we have a unique understanding of the current set of rules and how the game is played, so we understand what rule changes will actually work for our Members.

Planning enforcement & policy

Our activities include helping our Members to positively influence planning decisions across the country. This can take many forms including helping Members to oppose housebuilders' efforts to get planning permission on dodgy, exploitative schemes, reducing the numbers of future buyers who find themselves victims of these types of arrangements.

Member financial benefits

We are constantly seeking out exclusive deals and promotions for our Members and will keep you informed of opportunities as they arise.

guru-bannerNew Build Guru is a cradle-to-grave service for new build homebuyers, providing essential know-how, support and advice at every stage of the transaction. 

New Build Guru at a glance:

  • Sign up for free at the start of the buying process.
  • Follow the guidance notes during the buying process.
  • Appoint independent conveyancer.
  • Instruct pre-completion snagging surveyor.
  • Join as a full Member of the Co-Operative once you move in.
  • Use our free "Quick Question" service for occasional tips, support and suggestions from our property experts whilst dealing with snags etc. yourself.
  • Access our private Member-only forums to find and share information and support with fellow neighbours and other owners. Start to unlock the power of the collective.
  • If you have difficulties getting things put right properly or obtaining redress for anything that has gone wrong, complete your "New Member Review" - comprehensive, free legal advice covering all issues and options for resolving them from no-cost self-help remedies to full legal representation for group actions, depending on your specific situation.

Power to you. Enjoy the journey.