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Why New Build Guru

Most new home buyers stand to benefit substantially from getting expert surveying evidence on design and construction defects - provided they know what to do with it once obtained -  by securing valuable additional remedial works and recovering money from the housebuilder or warranty provider, and by avoiding months or years of frustration and poor outcomes commonly associated with using the industry's own schemes on their terms.

New Build Guru sources the experts for you and ensures they are instructed properly and have the right information available to them, so they can provide you with the best service possible and produce the kind of evidence you need to get things put right.  We also make sure any other owners on your development use the same experts if possible, as this further improves the services offered by the surveyors, may reduce per-household costs and is central to maximising your options for taking group legal action later on if necessary - group claims being the most affordable and cost-effective way of doing so.  We also arrange for the right law firm to advise you either individually or as part of a group action as necessary, ensuring you get the advice you need on the most advantageous, affordable and cost-effective basis possible.

Self-help is also a vital part of our best-practice approach in achieving the best overall outcomes for owners, and we provide information resources to help you with this too, from explaining the 'rules of engagement' that apply when getting defects resolved, to tips and tricks on how to negotiate effectively with housebuilders and warranty providers whilst avoiding common pitfalls.  Most importantly for our members, we also offer the New Build Guru Helpline, a free-to-use guidance and support service for members who obtain their expert report through us, ensuring you are not alone whilst dealing with your housebuilder or warranty provider yourself.  In many cases, with our published guidance and Helpline service, negotiating directly with your housebuilder or warranty provider may be all you need to get a fair and highly cost-effective outcome on defects and a great return on your investment in expert surveying evidence.  For anything left over, we can ensure you are able to pursue legal action to recover money or get additional works done, as well as seeking reimbursement of your costs and expenses.

New Build Guru also recognises the value and skillsets that those using our services also contribute to achieving the best outcomes on defecst and common problems.  We bring owners together through our private, secure Member Forums through which you can connect with other owners dealing with defects and other common issues, share tips and tricks, coordinate your own efforts for better results, and find or offer the personal help and support when needed.

Together, we ensure you are equipped to deal effectively with often highly-resourced and sophisticated housebuilders and warranty companies that might otherwise exploit owners' lack of knowledge or vulnerabilities, are treated fairly and get what you paid for.

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